Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Original Song VS Cover Song

 most artists sing others songs as their cover song...
so, some of their cover song are much better than the original,
and some, not really...
there's some song, becomes punk song (which very popular)
but i did't like it, coz not so much different than the original..
still, there's a good cover by punk rock band...
also, some song, in acoustic version..its simple
but not to forget, there's some cover song that is weirdddd
(click the link)

this is international artist
  1. womanizer(britney spears) - all american reject 
  2. umbrella (rihanna) - all time low  
  3. dont stop the music (rihanna) - davepatten
  4. love story (taylor swift) - chapter january
  5. poker face (lady gaga) - daughtry 
  6. crazy in love (beyonce) -  switchfoot
  7. im yours ( jason mraz) - 
  8. when i grow up (PCD) - mayday parade
  9. whatcha say (jason derulo) - legaci
and this one, local artist
  1. fantasia bulan madu ( search) - siti nurhaliza
  2. kukatakan dengan indah (peterpan) - yuna
  3. with or without you (U2) -  faizal tahir
wawawa, of course faizal tahir must be in the list too...MySpace
after u guys finish listen to these songs,
then, which of these cover songs are your favourite????

womanizer, umbrella, and of course with or without you..
(yea yea everything about faizal u like it)
opps, ter'over' sudah...oh no no no, i only his fan NOT HIS PEMUJA....wawawawaw

5 Masuk GoaLLLL:

bilis said...

tgh dngar nothing else matter by metallica...hurmm..

F U N F A B U L O S I T Y said...

huiiii-pandai cik rina cari info ni yer-best2! ;D

rossoneri said...

hehe enjoyy

F U N F A B U L O S I T Y said...

dex dah dloads dari youtube lagu crazy in love tu layan gak lah! ;D

rossoneri said...

wah siap download lagi...wawawa..