Sunday, February 14, 2010


well this is our 1st time step into the Istana us
(walaupun rumah dekat je),
n we totally blur where we should go..hohooooo
then i went find Kechik to get the tickets
(still can't believe u handle FT lol)
there's a lot of booth there that sell out these 3 artist's merchandises,
and i dunno wut to buy,
so just buy the poster,
even i dunno why i buy that poster lah...

then we all have to go inside coz the show will start soon,
me n anak Gajah got seat 2 row in front of the stage,
totally cool dude,MySpace
oooooooo YEAH!!!

aizat started the show,
he's so cute,
like a highschooler happy go lucky guy,
just, he needs to be smart in picking a song,
neway HE'S AMAZING! his perfomance..

THEN HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FAIZAL TAHIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well u know him, no matter he's sick or wut,
i dun think i can forget his face mengejek-ejek,..MySpace
want to know what he did...
ok, i seat in a crowd that is totally NOT SPORTING okeyyyy...
then he went to our side and said
'sebelah sini senyapppppppp je'.
then we screamed (ok only some of us).
'ek eleeeee aaaaaa je(gaya pon)'MySpace...dengan muka yang mintak penyepak tu...
gila geram seyyyyy, rasa nak baling je kat muka dia..
HAHAHAHAHAHAH....kurang ajaqqqqqqqqqqq...hahahahha..
anyway he's totally damn funny...
always bullied others (include Siti)..
its so fun watching Aizat kenakan dia..

siti: siti nak tengok kamu berdua ni pandai tak nyanyi lagu tradisional.
FT: aizat mesti pandai gila nyanyi.
Aizat: eh faizal lagi terer, dia dulu kumpulan nasyid

anyway, these Trio perfomance was AMAZING!!!
i really can't find a word to describe their perfomance..
really like 'ratuku' and 'relaku pujuk'
(dats my fav song heheh)

funny thing is, me n Anak Gajah...
totally amazed with DATO' SITI...
'OMG she's so kawaiiiiiiiii like a barbie doll'..
then she opened her mouth...
'OHHHHHHHHH'...our jaws opened sooo wide..
(i think Siti noticed that hahaha coz she looked at our side dat time hahah)
everytime she sang we got goosebumps ...
totally different from what we heard all this time on tv...

(this is mine okey)

ok lah, harap2 ada DVD...but some ppl said 'its hard're...well its not wrong to hope..

2 Masuk GoaLLLL:

F U N F A B U L O S I T Y said...

emjoy giler life wk-lawo baju wk pakai mase gi konsert tuu-menarikk-tak rugi kan pegi konsert gred A ni?tul tak rina? ;D

rossoneri said...

yesszaaaaaaaaaaa, masih terbayang2 lagi neh..hahahahah..
arigatoo gozaimas sbb puji baju..wawawawawa