Sunday, August 16, 2009


penulisan kreatif, presentation? DONE...
even though we only copy n paste ..
another task that given...
write a story from ur experience ..
6 pages...
hmmm wut to write about huh..
can't think now..

so lazy to do works...

the date of presentation proposal already decided..
hmmm after raya..
huhuhuhu y can't any faster...
can't raya happily lohhhh...

this week is 'bengang week'..
dunno y all my friends 'bengang'..
with their problems lah..
not bengang with me...

wut to do now..
dun't know..
dun't know wut i want..
know only the things i hate..
dun't know where to find the spirit..
probably gone away with the wind..
taken away by the rain..
but still not disappear..
just have to find a way..

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